Our Team

Quality distinguishes CAD AVENUE from any other CAD service and training providers in the region. Our team includes civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, surveyors, facilities & asset managers, and IT experts. Apart from their well qualified Academic background, ATC manager and instructors are Autodesk Certified Professionals and Autodesk Approved Instructors who are given a great deal of support from Autodesk to ensure that the training experience exceeds expectations. Facilities are held to the highest standard so candidates enjoy a comfortable classroom setting with a workstation dedicated solely to them.

All trainers undergo intensive Internal Training at CAD AVENUE which include Language, Customer Orientation, Training Dynamics and specific skill areas. CAD AVENUE technical trainers are highly-skilled professionals who possess a valuable combination of real-world experience and product expertise.

Within the CAD AVENUE framework, our trainers draw on their varied experiences and develop their unique training styles after undergoing internal training programs.